Effects of nutrients on sarcopenic older adults’ bone health

Title: A vitamin D, calcium and leucine-enriched whey protein nutritional supplement improves measures of bone health in sarcopenic non-malnourished older adults – the PROVIDE study

Authors: Tom R. Hill, Sjors Verlaan, Egbert Biesheuvel, Richard Eastell, Jürgen M. Bauer, Ivan Bautmans, Kirsten Brandt, Lorenzo M. Donini, Marcello Maggio, Tony Mets, Chris J Seal, Sander LJ Wijers, Cornel Sieber, Tommy Cederholm & Terry J. Aspray
Published: 2019

Calcified Tissue International

The study explores whether providing a nutritional supplement containing leucine-enriched whey protein, vitamin D and calcium improves bone health in sarcopenic non-malnourished older adults.

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