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The Fiber Gap

There is a dietary Fiber deficit in many westernized diets, also called the Fiber Gap. A lack of knowledge can be a barrier for higher fiber consumption, the right information can solve this. Find out...

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Le French Gut

We are very proud to contribute to accelerate gut microbiota science through our partnership with Le French Gut

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Over the past two years, The Human Diet & Microbiome Initiative (THDMI) has connected with people in the US, the UK, Mexico, and Spain...

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THDMI is now live in Spain with the support of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). We’re looking for adult Spaniards to contribute...

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The microbiome and synbiotics

Recently Professor Jan Knol was one of the experts interviewed for an article ‘How science and personalised nutrition could spur growth in synbiotic’ in the magazine ‘Just-Food’. Jan spoke about the...

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