How can we maintain a healthy immune system during the holiday period?

As the holiday period approaches, we asked three of our experts at Danone Research & Innovation to share advice on how to bullet-proof our immunity system so that we can make the most out of our vacation.

Gokul Swaminathan, Senior Team Leader of Immune Resilience in Adulthood, emphasizes the importance of sustaining healthy habits while traveling, for instance, by consuming nutrient-rich meals filled with fruits, vegetables, fiber, and protein, coupled with regular exercise. “Fuel your body with a wholesome diet and harness the power of nutrition to build resilience against temporary changes in your daily routine”.

Mirjam Kool, Senior Team Leader in Early Life Immunology, notes the importance of getting enough sleep during your vacation: “As we sleep, the body produces proteins that can help combat infections, reduce inflammation and decrease stress”.

Siroon Bekkering, Senior Scientist in Immunology, briefly explains how the immune system works throughout the day. According to her: “Immune cells are more active in the morning and tend to be more lethargic at night. Harness the power of balanced nutrition combined with probiotics to fortify your immune system throughout the day, equipping you to tackle potential viral challenges. Remember, a well-nourished body serves as your strongest shield against unseen invaders!”

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