Danone at ESPGHAN 2024

The ESPGHAN, known as The European Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition, is one of the most important scientific events in children’s health.

This This year’s event, held in Milan from May 15-18, brings together experts from various fields to exchange knowledge and foster collaboration to promote the health of children with special attention to the gastrointestinal tract, liver, and nutritional status, through knowledge creation, and the dissemination of science-based information.

Of course, Danone, as one of the biggest players in research on nutrition and children’s health, will participate to share our research and connect to the scientific and healthcare community.

Danone Research & Innovation will have several accepted papers this year, have a sneak peek at the themes our scientists worked on:

● ACBS Study / Energy And Nutrient Dense Feed Containing 2’-fucosyllactose (2’-FL) Supports Body Weight Increase With Good Compliance, Acceptability, And Tolerance In Infants With Faltering Growth.

● ACBS Study Results/ Increased Macronutrient And Micronutrient Intake In Paediatric Patients With A High Energy Enteral Tube Feed Formula Containing Real Food Ingredients.

● Improved Gastro-intestinal Symptoms In Paediatric Patients Receiving A High Energy Enteral Tube Feeding Formula Containing Real Food Ingredients.

● The Use Of A Weight Artificial Intelligence (Wai) Algorithm For Weight Estimation Of Children In A Real-world Setting.

● Evaluation Of An Infant Formula With Large, Milk Phospholipid-coated Lipid Droplets On Long-term Growth And Adiposity: The Saturn Study Design.

● Large Milk-phospholipid Coated Lipid Droplets In Infant Formula Milk Modulate The Metabolic Functionality Of The Developing Holobiont.

● Healthcare Professional And Parental Scores On Stool Characteristics And Acceptability Of A New Infant Formula: Early Engagement Program.

● Large Milk-phospholipid Coated Lipid Droplets In Infant Formula Result In A Stool Bile Acid Profile Closer To That Of A Breastfed Infant.

● Observational Study In Healthy Term-born Infants Fed With A Partly Fermented Formula With An Improved Lipid Profile And Oligosaccharides.

● Qilin: Gut Microbiome And Metabolome Maturation In Chinese Infants Receiving Breastmilk And Formula Supplemented With Prebiotics GOS/FOS.

● Qilin: Development Of Dominant Gut Microbiota From 0 To 2 Years Old In Chinese Infants.

● Content Of Human Milk Oligosaccharides Across Lactation Stages Among Chinese Lactating Women.

● Nutrijourney: Exploring Parental Immune Perspective And Knowledge Of Chinese Infants Agedaged 0-3 Years Post COVID-19 Pandemic.

● Exploring Perceptions And Experiences Of Aptamil Advance 3 In The Middle East: A Prospective Multicentre Cross-sectional Study.

● Infant Formula Ingredients Lutein And Beta-palmitate Or Lutein And Casein-phosphopeptide In Combination With Scgos/Lcfos Increase In Vitro Calcium, Iron And Zinc Bioaccessibility.

● Risk factors for childhood obesity in the first 1000 days: systematic review and risk factor quality assessment.

Curious about the papers and their authors? Attend the event to get firsthand insights. You can also find the agenda on the ESPGHAN Annual Meeting Calendar at ⏩ Annual Meeting Calendar – The 56th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition.