ESPGHAN 2018 - The Magic of Human Milk, Dr. Stahl

Title: ESPGHAN 2018 – The Magic of Human Milk, Dr. Stahl

Published: 2018

During the Nutricia Satellite Symposium at ESPGHAN, Friday May 11 2018, Nutricia hosted a breakfast satellite symposium highlighting the science behind our new concept combining prebiotics and postbiotics for healthy infants.

The title of the symposium was ‘Prebiotics and postbiotics: Next generation in infant nutrition bringing immune system through gut’, chaired by Prof. Yvan Vandenplas.

In this video of the presentation at ESPGHAN, Dr. Bernd Stahl, R&I Director Human Milk Research, Danone Research & Innovation, explains on the ‘Magic of human milk’ and introduces the term ‘postbiotics’: bioactive compounds produced by food-grade micro-organisms during a fermentation process.

Nutricia has been studying Human Milk for over 40 years and was the first to introduce a unique blend of oligosaccharides. This unique prebiotic mixture scGOS/lcFOS (9:1) has been studied intensely on gut and immune benefits and validated by almost 20 years of research, with a total of over 40 studies, described in >75 scientific publications.

Now entering a new frontier in infant nutritional solutions, combining our heritage from Danone and Nutricia: prebiotics and postbiotics.

By combining prebiotics and postbiotics, Nutricia will support optimal growth and the still-developing immune system through the gut among healthy infants.