Exploring the vital role of Muscles and Proteins in Human Health

Introduction to Muscle Health

Muscles constitute up to 50% of the human body based on total weight and are essential not only for movement and maintaining posture, but also for overall metabolic health. Dr. Miriam van Dijk, Senior Scientist at Danone Research & Innovation, emphasizes: “muscle not only provides us movement and posture, but is also a metabolically active tissue, regulating body temperature and serving as a reserve pool for amino acids when the body is stressed. Therefore, muscle is life.'”

Why Protein matters

Proteins are fundamental for muscle health. They provide essential amino acids needed to build and maintain muscle mass. This is particularly vital for certain vulnerable populations, such as oncology patients or the elderly, where maintaining muscle mass is directly linked to survival.

Danone’s commitment to Protein Research

“At Danone, we recognize the pivotal role of muscle health in improving clinical outcomes and quality of life. Our commitment extends to developing nutritional solutions that support muscle performance and aid recovery,” explains Professor Justin Roberts, Senior Team Leader Muscle, Performance, and Recovery. Our research aims to identify the optimal sources and blends of proteins that maximize muscle protein synthesis. We delve into the nuances of protein quality, digestibility, and the best strategies for dosing—whether it’s bolus, sips, or continuous intake—and the timing of consumption throughout the day.

Join us in our journey

We invite the scientific community and the public to join us in understanding the profound impact of muscle health on overall well-being and explore how advanced protein research can lead to better health outcomes. Dive deeper into our research and join our mission to enhance life through better nutrition.