Growth & Metabolism / Inborn Errors of Metabolism

Supporting patients throughout their IEM journey

At the heart of our research lies the understanding that children have very different nutritional needs to adults. The products a patient uses to manage their IEM must therefore be tailored to their particular life stage. Knowing this, we have developed a range of medical nutritional solutions that cater for every specific disorder and help meet the evolving dietary needs of our patients, providing them with the right balance of nutrients at the right time to enable normal growth and development.

The products a patient uses to manage their IEM must be tailored to their particular life stage.

We also understand that compliance to the strict IEM dietary regimen can become more challenging with age, due to increasing external influences and decreasing parental control. We therefore work closely with healthcare professionals and other experts in the field in order to develop medical nutrition that encourages compliance, investing in programmes that aim to find new ways of improving taste, texture and format.

We offer a comprehensive range of information and support services.

At Danone Research & Innovation, we have a long-term commitment to supporting patients with IEMs and their families. In addition to high-quality medical nutrition and low-protein foods, we also offer on-going support to healthcare professionals working within this field, including hosting an annual international conference at which doctors can connect with each other.

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In addition, we provide a range of comprehensive information and support services, including scientific brochures and literature for healthcare professionals, as well as educational tools and recipe brochures for patients and their families.