How We Work / Clinical Research

NCRU: contributing to the innovation cycle

The Nutrition Clinical Research Unit (NCRU) is an exclusive facility that allows Danone Research & Innovation to conduct high standard clinical studies investigating how nutrition works in the human body.

Health, knowledge and innovation are central to the research and development services. The aim of the NCRU is to contribute to the nutrition innovation cycle by providing greater insight into how nutrition affects health. The clinical research facility is a specially designed facility that delivers high-quality clinical research, conducted by qualified medical staff.

The NCRU complements existing extensive research capabilities elsewhere on the Utrecht Science Park and strengthens Danone Research & Innovation’s ability to develop high-quality, innovative products and processes.

State of the art research facilities

The NCRU is designed to conduct a wide variety of study types, including investigation of bioequivalence and bioavailability, mechanism of action, and glycemic index, as well as pilot studies using questionnaires and biomarkers. The facility also allows us to collect and evaluate different sample types, including blood, urine, faeces and saliva, as well as anthropometric data.

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