How We Work / Clinical Research

Supporting healthcare professionals

We support healthcare professionals to make nutrition an integral part of care. Our products are subjected to rigorous clinical research. The research process starts with studies assessing the safety of a product, followed by studies to determine its efficacy, nutritional adequacy and its potential for helping improve healthcare outcomes.

Clinical studies assess the safety and efficacy of our products.

The clinical research process involves testing product innovations with the people for whom these innovations are intended to confirm these innovations are safe and effective. This starts with studies to ensure product innovations are well-tolerated, studies that assess the amount of nutrients a product innovation provides (i.e. bioavailability), and studies that determine whether a product innovation delivers the intended nutritional benefit. These studies are then followed by larger confirmatory (phase 3) clinical studies.

We work together with healthcare professionals and scientists on Danone Research & Innovation sponsored studies, and support investigator sponsored studies (ISS).