How We Work / User eXperience

Co-creation at the heart of our innovation process

The mission of our User eXperience team is to lead the design of a meaningful and superior product experience for our consumers and patients. We work hard to understand their behaviour and product usage, integrating these insights from the early stages of our innovation process. These insights, together with our latest scientific knowledge and technological expertise, are embedded into our innovation process, guiding each stage of product and packaging development.

Meeting the needs of consumers and patients

Thanks to User eXperience insights, we support the development of innovations that meet the nutritional needs of the people who use our products, including infants, pregnant women, parents, frail elderly, and patients suffering from various diseases and conditions. Working with these consumers and patients helps us to better understand which products are preferred, which ones best meet their needs – and the reasons why. This is especially important for medical nutrition, because greater appreciation contributes to better compliance, which in turn allows the patient to receive the full nutritional benefits.

Talking to all our product users (parents, young children, patients, HCPs, carers) helps us designing a pleasurable experience that meet their needs.

A network of experts

We have developed a network of experts on eating habits and food learning to optimise our medical nutrition products and feeding-related advice. We share our methods and as well as research on the development of healthy eating habits at international congresses.