Human Milk Cohort Studies – Infographic

Title: Human Milk Cohort Studies – Infographic

Published: 2022

The Human Milk Cohort Studies (Ulm SPATZ Health Study) aims to reveal new and reliable insights into changes of human milk composition during first year of life, through state-of-the-art instrumental analysis of a large number of human milk samples.

This infographic shows that human milk is highly variable and that lactose, human milk oligosaccharides, Fatty Acid and Amino Acid concentrations in human milk, as well as individual compounds thereof, change over the course of lactation.

At Danone Research & Innovation we have 50 years of expertise in human milk research.
We’ve learned so much from human milk and we will continue our journey to unravel its complexity by continuing to collaborate with leading birth cohort studies, apply in-depth analytics of human milk and use advanced biostatistics models.

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