Le French Gut

We are very proud to contribute to accelerate gut microbiota science through our partnership with Le French Gut

LeFrenchGut, initiated by MetaGenoPolis, led by INRAE, and in collaboration with the Greater Paris University Hospitals – AP-HP is a project supported by public and private actors, to better understand the relationship between gut microbiota, health and diet.

The ambition is to characterize the gut microbiota of up to 100 000 adult volunteers living in metropolitan France. And we already reached more than 15 000 participants in the pilot phase! This project is part of the larger international « Million Microbiome of Humans Project » (MMHP)

Understanding the connection between our gut and health through diet is at the core of Danone Research & Innovation strategy. This new knowledge could help pave the way to personalized nutrition approaches, to bring health through food to as many people as possible.

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