Looking to the Future of Microbiome Research on World Microbiome Day 2023

The important connection between nutrition and the microbiome is reflected by this year’s World Microbiome Day theme “Microbes & Food”.
Research on the gut microbiome is flourishing, and we are interested to hear what experts think the future of microbiome research looks like.

      • Katrien van Laere, Senior VP Medical & Nutrition Science, Danone Research & Innovation, provides a short insight on the importance of microbiome research for Danone.
      • Prof. Christophe Lay, Senior Microbiome Scientist, Danone Research & Innovation based at the Precision Nutrition D-Lab in Singapore, shares his view on how microbiome and nutritional science can fuel the science on personalized nutrition.
      • Rob Knight, Faculty & Founding Director of the Center for Microbiome Innovation at UC San Diego shares his view on how microbiome research is positioned to advance significantly in the next decade.

At Danone Research & Innovation, we are pleased to collaborate with leading researchers and institutions. Through these partnerships, and with our scientific experts, we conduct inspiring research, innovate technologies and optimize tailored nutritional solutions to promote gut comfort, benefit infant development and address specific health needs.

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