Meet the Human Milk Research Team

In a nutshell:

At Danone Research & Innovation, our unique team of multidisciplinary scientists uses human milk as their inspiration for innovation.

Our experts are divided into the following specialist sub-teams:

  • Advanced Analytical Discovery: focused on discovering new wonders in human milk.
  • Analytical Chemistry: responsible for analyzing the link between maternal and infant physiology (for instance, through human milk, salvia, blood and feces).
  • Biomics: focused on applying proteomics and metabolomics to characterize molecular pathways and biomolecules.
  • Human Milk Dynamics and Related Benefits: responsible for understanding the connection between human milk composition and infant development.

With over 50 years of experience in human milk research, coupled with a robust analytical core, we are dedicated to unraveling the fascinating – yet intricate – composition of human milk.

To do this, we employ state-of the-art technological and analytical methods, which empower us to explore the structural and functional details of key human milk components. From exploring the impact of such components on the gut microbiome, immune system and growth, to deciphering their role in brain development.

What makes us proud

For the Human Milk Researh team, each discovery contributes to a deeper understanding of this complex biological matrix, holding the potential to enhance the healfh of infants and moms across the globe.

Fun fact

Collectively, our colleagues possess over 200 years of human milk and analytical research expertise, contributing to a remarkable 200 publications within the field!