Supporting brain health throughout our lifespan

The foundation for brain health can be laid very early in life. Preterm infants, for example, are at risk of developing impaired brain function in later life. It is clear that research into brain development, health and disease is needed to understand these challenges and to find future solutions

Research into the brain is both complex and rewarding. The brain is a structure with about 100 billion interconnected cells. The brain controls a range of actions, including learning, speech and voluntary movements. However, brain diseases and dysfunction are common.

The basis of a well-functioning brain starts already very early in life, even before birth, and nutrient intake has great influence on its development.

Danone Research & Innovation has high-level expertise in various areas like neuroscience, lipid science, gut-immune-brain axis, ketogenesis and imaging. Over the last decade, we have been studying the effects of a combination of nutrients on neurodegeneration, synaptogenesis and cognitive function using numerous techniques and methods. By putting our ‘brains’ together, we can leverage our knowledge in neuroscience. We aim to develop synergistic and unique nutritional concepts delivering breakthrough innovations. An example is the development of a product for the dietary management of mild Alzheimer’s disease.