On the International Day of Immunology, we would like to emphasize the importance of immunology and the work of immunologists worldwide, including the immunology team working at Danone Nutricia Research.

Our dedicated team of scientists focuses on the interplay between nutrition and the immune system.
Nutrition is one of the most important environmental factors that can positively influence the development of a healthy immune system. A healthy immune system can help maintain good health throughout life and can also help in preventing and managing disease.

Over 50 years of immunology research has resulted in innovations and scientific discoveries and includes more than 700 publications in peer-reviewed journals in the field of immunology.
Close collaboration with international academic partners and healthcare providers has been and will remain to be an integral part of our way of working.

Our team of experts is committed to deliver high-quality scientific evidence that contributes to the development of tailored, evidence-based nutritional solutions.

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