Nutricia at EuGMS 2018 congress “Advancing Geriatric Medicine in a Modern World”

EuGMS, or European Geriatric Medicine Society, represents national geriatric medical societies. This year the international congress of the EuGMS is held from 10 to 12 October 2018 in Berlin, Germany.

Nutricia Satellite Symposium at EuGMS

Nutricia will be actively present at the event. Visitors are invited to the booth and to Nutricia’s Satellite Symposium: “Mobility, Strength & Function: how specialised nutrition can help”. The Symposium takes place on October 12 from 12:00-13:30 at the Berlin Congress Centre (Room 2). Please click here for the invite. At the Nutricia booth visitors can try the aging simulation suit offering an opportunity to experience the impact of muscle loss on mobility, strength and function. Loss of those occur with aging and are accelerated in disease and after acute events.

Poster presentation

The prevalence of malnutrition among people in geriatric rehabilitation is high in comparison to other health care settings and to community dwelling older people, and this could affect functional recovery. Janneke van Wijngaarden, Senior Scientist Physical Frailty, will present the poster: “Effects of nutritional interventions in geriatric rehabilitation patients: a systematic review.” The objective of this systematic review was to provide an overview of available scientific evidence on the effects of nutritional interventions on nutritional and functional outcomes in patients admitted to a geriatric rehabilitation setting.

The included (12) studies are very heterogenous in design and outcome measures, which hampers the drawing of a univocal conclusion. However, it can be concluded that nutritional interventions with a protein supplement (3 studies) had a positive impact on protein intake and albumin levels and one study measured and observed a positive impact on functional status. Nutritional interventions combined with exercise (6 studies) increased protein intake and 3 studies showed positive effects on functional status. This indicates the potential for protein supplementation, with or without exercise, to benefit not only nutritional, but also functional status in geriatric rehabilitation patients.

About EuGMS

The European Geriatric Medicine Society, EUGMS, is the collaborating and co-ordinating organisation of the national geriatric medical societies in the EU, and Switzerland. Its mission is among others to develop geriatric medicine in all member states as a recognised independent medical specialty, contributing to the care of all older people with age-related diseases. Click here  to read more on EuGMS.