The importance of the microbiome

The importance of the microbiome and the extensive role it plays in human health is a topic of growing interest.

Recently Professor Jan Knol was one of the experts interviewed for an article ‘The microbiome – an unseen world of possibilities’ in the magazine in ‘Just Food’ .

“We know the gut is central in our health, a large amount of our immune system is in the gut, a lot of our metabolism is regulated in the gut and there’s a large brain in the gut.” (Quote by Prof. Jan Knol featured in the article)

In the article Jan highlights the complexity of the microbiome, the gut-brain interaction, the importance of nutrition and the need for more longitudinal studies that include dietary information.

Read the full article here: The microbiome – an unseen world of possibilities (

The gut is our biggest interface to the outside world and is home to the microbiome.
Vital for our health and wellbeing, the microbiome has many health-promoting functions, including digestion, the development and functioning of our immune system as well as influencing gut-brain communications.

Professor Dr. Jan Knol is Senior Science Director of the Gut Biology & Microbiology Platform at Danone Research & Innovation, Utrecht (The Netherlands) and Singapore since 2010. He is responsible for the gut and microbiology related research programs focusing on nutrition and health.
Additionally since 2012, Jan is Special Professor of Intestinal Microbiology of Early Life at the Laboratory of Microbiology at the Wageningen University.

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