Nutrition for Life / Early Life Nutrition

Optimising products to meet consumer needs.

Early life nutritional standards

We understand the importance of adequate nutrition in early life so we set high minimum standards for the nutritional composition of our products.

Our nutritional standards are based on the latest scientific knowledge and go beyond legal requirements. They provide the framework for all product development initiatives. Our nutritional standards ensure that all products meant for pregnant and lactating women, infants and toddlers are designed to:

1) Meet their nutritional needs
2) Recognise the diversity of feeding practices and habits in different countries.
3) Recognise the potential effects on short as well as long term health outcomes
4) Provide the right nourishment based on their role in the diet

NutriPride: improving the composition of our products

NutriPride is how Danone Research & Innovation supports Danone’s first commitment to improve the nutritional quality of our products. We have published targets on five key nutrients that can positively influence children’s health. These nutrients are calcium, iron, energy, salt and added sugar. Our priority is to ensure all products within the early life nutrition division are compliant with these standards by 2020.

Learn more about Danone nutritional targets here.

We are also looking at broadening our portfolio so we are able to offer the variety necessary for a healthy diet. Finally, we are looking at how we can inspire appropriate food behaviours in children by empowering parents and healthcare professionals

Healthier Choice methodology

There is a clear trend within the food industry, driven by demand from both healthcare authorities and consumers, towards the provision of healthier food options. As a market leader, Danone believes it has a responsibility to develop high quality foods to meet this new demand. To help them achieve this goal, Danone Research & Innovation has developed an approach that will enhance the nutritional superiority of our products.
The Healthier Choice approach is a combination of the following two research methodologies:

1) NutriProgress focusses on the nutritional monitoring of our products vs. others on the market;
2) NutriChoices is a study of the dynamics of consumption, including food associations and the reasoning behind product substitutions.


NutriProgress involves 32 countries and is our way of comparing the nutritional profile of Danone products against other, similar items on the market. These comparisons are based on a set of criteria defined for each category (e.g. key nutrients, nutritional needs of the target consumer, public health issues etc.). We implement NutriProgress in order to monitor, improve and enhance the value of Danone products. We look at each product not only as a standalone item but also how they are integrated into local markets, looking at their evolution vs. the competition.


With NutriChoices, we aim to understand food dynamics, including associations and alternatives in a consumer’s diet. Realistic diet simulation scenarios can then be established to measure the nutritional impact of our products on the whole diet, helping us identify ways for our categories to be the healthier alternatives our consumers desire.