Over the past two years, The Human Diet & Microbiome Initiative (THDMI) has connected with people in the US, the UK, Mexico, and Spain and we’re excited to announce it’s now open in Japan!

We all have trillions of bacteria inside us that form the gut microbiome and play a key role in our health and certain diseases. Each gut microbiome, which we have affectionately named Gutty, is unique; depending on where you live, what you eat, and how old you are. Therefore, learning more is vital to understand which diets can help support our Gutties.

The THDMI study is a collaborative effort between Danone Research & Innovation and the UC San Diego to study the link between diets and the gut microbiome. It also benefits from the support of the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan.

More important! It now relies on adult Japanese participants to take part in this unprecedented study, by providing a stool sample and information on diet and lifestyle.

The 500 first participants (max) having completed the study will receive personalized reports on their gut microbiome and diet for free.

THDMI has the potential to set the groundwork for future personalized nutrition tailored to your gut microorganisms and contribute to Danone’s ambition of bringing health through food to as many people as possible.

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