Hydration is key to most life on our planet, and there is no simpler or healthier way to hydrate than with water.

At Danone Research & Innovation we strive to make water an easier choice for all, balancing the natural benefits of water with our sustainability efforts.

We conduct scientific research to explore the link between hydration and health. We found that many people don’t drink enough fluids, either by choice or circumstance. We are committed to giving people the tools needed to adopt better hydration habits.

We believe that developing healthy drinking habits from an early age can lead to a better and healthier life. We actively promote water as the healthiest drink and believe that variety and taste are essential to encouraging people to choose water every day. For this purpose, Danone Research & Innovation continuously tests and explores consumer preferences to provide the best flavors and the greatest number of options as an alternative to sugary drinks. We are committed to giving consumers the choice to pick the healthier option.

Packaging of water is another key focus of our Research & Innovation team. We aim to keep our packaging 100% circular by ensuring our packaging is safely reusable, recyclable, or composable, and by reducing unnecessary elements.

In the mission to promote healthy hydration, Danone continues to embrace our responsibilities before the environment under our ‘One Planet. One Health’ signature. We strive to leverage our reach as a force for good – to relieve water stressed environments by helping to preserve and restore ecosystems, wetlands and natural water cycles; by leveraging the principles of circular economy within and beyond our factories; and to continue our work to bring safe drinking water, wherever possible, to as many people as possible.

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