Essential Dairy & Plant-Based

Healthy gut microbiota is an important target for all of us. Danone is a pioneer of research in gut function and modulating or changing the microbiota through dairy based foods; our first medicinal live Danone yoghurt was produced in 1919.

Fermenting foods, including dairy to make yoghurt, creates live bacteria referred to as probiotics. Danone Research & Innovation believes that:

Regular consumption of probiotics can positively influence and balance the gut microbiota.

Probiotics have been found to reduce intestinal discomforts and mitigate the severity of associated ailments like irritable bowel syndrome and even positively influence brain activity.

We want to bring gut health to all, which is why our dairy research focuses on fermentation processes, identifying beneficial culture strains and delivering them to Danone’s consumers through dairy products.

Complementary to our dairy-fermented products, to inspire and to meet consumer expectations for healthier and more sustainable alternatives, Danone Research & Innovation works hard to develop plant-based alternatives.