Gut Health

Looking to the future

We constantly look for ways to improve and innovate nutrition to optimize gut health and ensure a healthy functioning gut for a healthier life. As well as focusing on how early life events and nutrition influence gut development, we are committed to studying how different diseases are associated with microbiota imbalance and how these can be addressed through nutrition. This includes discovering more sustainable, plant-based foods and developing proprietary biotics to ensure optimal digestion and absorption, offering wider choice for consumers and improving their health and nutritional status.

To better understand the complexity and diversity of the world’s gut microbiomes and to discover how different diets can benefit our guts, we have launched the Human Diets & Microbiome Initiative (THDMI) in partnership with the University of California, San Diego, U.S. We are also looking closely at the interplay between the gut and the brain and how to target the gut microbiota to influence brain development and function in early life.

We use the latest technology (such as in-depth sequencing expertise as well as novel data science strategies) to develop personalized nutrition to optimize the quality of the microbiome, helping to meet specific health needs, including allergies, GI disorders, diabetes and obesity. Personalized and precise nutrition, providing the exact nutrition, at the right time, for specific health benefits, present exciting possibilities, with digital technology playing a key role in making this a reality.  Precision nutrition is likely to become an essential first step to protect and preserve the gut health in babies and the elderly, and every life-stage in between. We’re excited to share the results of our research in this space soon.