Gut Health

Our work in gut health

Our dedicated research team focuses on understanding how early life events (such as mode of delivery), diseases and nutrition influence the gut microbiota and how microbiota is modulated through nutrition.

For over a century, we have been pioneering nutritional solutions. We’ve also spent over 50 years investigating gut health, human milk composition, immunology and the complexities surrounding the gut and optimal nutrition to support healthy growth, development and general wellbeing. We recognize the intricacies of gut development and function, as well as the delicate balancing act between nutrition, the gut microbiota and an individual’s health. We understand the complex structure and functions of the gut and its role in absorbing nutrients, digestion and immune defence and the impact nutrition has on these vital functions, at critical moments in life.

Our scientific expertise enables us to collaborate with leading programs and institutions. Through these partnerships, and with our scientific experts, we conduct inspiring research, innovate technologies and optimize tailored nutritional solutions to promote gut comfort, benefit infant development and address specific health needs. Our knowledge and solutions ensure nutrition can be used as the root cause of good health and prevention of illness.