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4th February: World Cancer Day

On February 4th, the World Cancer Day takes place. This global event aims to “save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and education about...

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Interview with Prof. Jan Knol in KQED Science

Jan Knol, Director Gut Biology & Microbiology platform at Danone Research & Innovation and Professor at the Wageningen University NL, was interviewed for the multimedia science and environment journalism and education unit Northern California, KQED Science. The article titled ‘Dannon...

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Inauguration Professor Ruurd van Elburg

The official inauguration of Ruurd van Elburg as Special Professor ‘Early Life Nutrition’ at the Emma Children’s Hospital, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, took place on December...

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Danone Climate Policy

Danone commits to an ambitious new climate policy, targeting zero net carbon emissions within its direct and shared scope of responsibility. As part of Danone, Danone Research & Innovation fully supports this policy. Read more about Danone’s Climate...

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