Physical Frailty

Bringing together the evidence

Across all research areas, we ensure our innovations are based on a strong, scientific evidence base. For sarcopenia, we have created a comprehensive overview of all Danone Research & Innovation publications on the topic – we call this the Research Program on Sarcopenia.

The dossier offers a comprehensive overview of the scientific body of evidence and insights gathered over a decade of research at Danone Research & Innovation. This research can serve as a broad evidence base for any stage in the patient journey of physically frail older people, but also for people with disease related malnutrition or specific patient groups like oncology patients, who experience muscle loss.

Research types

It covers a wide range of research types, from preclinical studies up to observational studies, long-term intervention studies, observational studies and literature reviews. It covers Nutricia Sponsored Studies as well as Investigator Initiated Studies in which Danone Research & Innovation was involved. This has already led to 23 publications in international scientific journals and many presentations during scientific conferences. Results have been presented during keynote lectures over the past years at leading clinical and geriatric conferences such as ESPEN and EUGMS.

Research is an ongoing process and we will continue publishing new results and relevant data. We are pleased to share this research overview with you as it supports our pioneering purpose to help people live longer, healthier lives.